SG 7100 Arkansas Vape Store Business Package

Arkansas Vape Store Business Package for Sale E2/EB5-Visa Qualified $3,000,000 Plus Inventory for Arkansas Vape Store Package Business Only.   Seven locations that average $400,000-$420,000 monthly merchandise sales with high margins of profit (60%).  Some properties have an option to purchase the land. Great opportunity for a family or the right owner-operator.  […]

SG 6592 Arkansas Vape & Tobacco Wholesale Distributor

Arkansas Vape & Tobacco-Wholesale Distributor Business for Sale E2 & EB5 qualified E2-Visa Qualified $899,000 Plus Inventory for Arkansas Vape/Tobacco-Wholesale Distributor Business Only.   200k/month- margins 30-35% (50-60% from one account, rest from other customers) 100 accounts and increasing. The business has lots of potential by adding more items to […]

SG 6388 Mississippi Meridian Two Tobacco and C Store Package

Mississippi Meridian Two Tobacco and C Stores Package Business for sale $275,000 Plus Inventory for Business Only.  $180,000 to $185,000 average monthly merchandise sales for both businesses.  Higher margins of profits.  Located in close proximity in a very successful plazas surrounded by AAA tenants.  Fully remodeled with new beer cave at […]