SG 4288 Missouri South Branded Gas Station and Liquor Store E2 Qualified

Missouri South Branded Gas Station and Liquor Business & Property for Sale E2 Qualified $2,000,000 Plus Merchandise Inventory for Missouri South Area Gas Station Business & Property.  $300,000 – 350,000 average inside merchandise sales per month.  30,000 average gallon gas sales per month with higher margins.  Located in a very busy […]

SG 3926 Ohio Northwest Area Truck Stop E2 and EB5 Qualified

Ohio Northwest Area Truck Stop Business & Property for Sale E2 & EB 5 Qualified  $2,850,000 Plus Inventory for Ohio Northwest Area Truck Stop Business and Property.  Great and profitable opportunity.  Eight diesel fueling stations and four (4) gasoline fueling stations.   Large 4,500 sq. ft. restaurant with fully equipped kitchen […]

SG 3897 Indiana Spiceland Branded Truck Stop

Indiana Spiceland Branded Citgo Truck Stop, Restaurant and Repairs Property for Sale $3,000,000 for Indiana, Spiceland Truck Stop Property which Include 10 Acres.  All rented gas station, truck repairs, truck wash facilities.  Great historical number as per seller who operated station in the past.  Profitable operations.  Land in the back […]

SG 3771 Alabama Jemison Truck Stop EB5 or E2 Qualified

Alabama Jemison Branded Truck Stop C- Store and Subway Business and Property for Sale E2 and or EB5 Qualified $2,500,000 Plus Inventory for Alabama, Jemison Truck Stop Gas Station and Subway Business and Property.  Option to buy property within 3 years with 15% down payment.  2.5 acres property.  $90,000 average merchandise […]